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North Carolina Caring
Dental Professionals

When You Need Someone to Care…

Created to promote a healthy recovery and lifestyle

For The Dental Team And Their Families.

Our Program

The Program of the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals is available to the resident licensed Dentists and licensed Hygienists of North Carolina, as well as the faculty and students at dental educational institutions in the state of North Carolina. However, if any member of a Dental Team needed assistance, the Program would help the impaired team member or provide resources for family members.

About the NCCDP

Mission Statement….

The North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals is an independent, non-profit agency whose mission is to identify, intervene, and assist members of the dental profession and their families who suffer the consequences of alcohol or other drug abuse or addiction, stress and professional burnout or other impairments.


There are different ways to access the services of the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals (NCCDP). The dental professional can contact the NCCDP anonymously. Staff, colleagues or family members can contact the NCCDP and voice concern. The NC State Board of Dental Examiners may refer the dental professional based on the results of an investigation.