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The NCCDP offers training in identification of substance abuse impairment and intervention advice and procedures through education of dental professionals.

  • NCCDP staff makes presentations to dental students at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry and the ECU School of Dental Medicine and to various dental hygienist programs throughout the state as well as exhibiting at several conferences for the dental profession.

Referrals are assessed and recommendations for treatment offered.

  • The NCCDP Clinical Director interviews any “call of concern” in depth in an attempt to determine if a problem exists. The Clinical Director will make a referral for an evaluation to determine how the best help for the individual can be obtained.

The NCCDP will advocate for compliant participants with the NC State Board of Dental Examiners, other state boards, licensing agencies, and insurance companies.

  • The NCCDP will advocate upon request to licensing boards and others, only with specific written permission of program participants. Advocacy by the NCCDP can be a valuable asset to an impaired practitioner seeking privileges, employment, malpractice insurance coverage, and other services.

The NCCDP offers monitoring and support that contributes to our continued high rate of long term recovery.

  • NCCDP monitoring consists of various means by which contract compliance and continued sobriety can be verified and documented. In addition to random drug and alcohol screening, the NCCDP Participation Agreements normally includes requirements for 12-step and/or Caduceus meeting attendance. The participant submits a monthly Meeting Attendance Log, a monthly Activity Calendar and a monthly Progress Report.  Each report is explained in more detail below.  Each participant is assigned a Peer Support Volunteer who will have regular contact with the participant.

The NCCDP maintains a network of family support.

  • The involvement of spouses or significant others, as well as other family members, is crucial to successful recovery.

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