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JUST RELEASED: First 2020 Issue of Caring Connections

By Nancy Davis, Executive Director

The first 2020 issue of Caring Connections, the new official digital publication by the NC Caring Dental Professionals is here!

All North Carolina licensed dental professionals will now be receiving, by email, the innovative and timely information on trends and best practices in the profession that are beneficial for dental professionals. You will also have access to the newsletter on our website,

This issue will focus on NCCDP personnel changes with introductions, a recovering dentists personal experience as they revisited their treatment center for a renewal weekend, and, of course, helpful COVID-19 tips from dental professionals.

There are so many benefits to our switching to digital:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Less time to produce
  • Ability to send more frequently
  • Accessible on any device
  • Guaranteed to see each issue as it is sent to your email
  • Easy access to past digital issues on the NC Caring Dental website
  • Easy to use reading platform with zooming features to enlarge text
  • Ability to read every issue, anywhere, any time
  • Modern, relevant, environmentally friendly!

This is your newsletter. If you want to share an experience, ask a question, or request a topic, please feel free to contact us at (910) 944-1150, or email me at