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2021 Recipient of the C.V. Winter Advocacy Award

Tammy Bell

Dr. C.V. Winter served on the NC Caring Dental Professionals Board of Directors for an extended period and held Emeritus status at the time of his death in 2012. Prior to his death the NCCDP established, in his honor, the C.V. Winter Advocacy Awards. Criteria was established for the award based on the qualities that Dr. Winter himself exhibited:

  • Commitment to advocacy
  • Exemplary leadership
  • Assistance and support for others in need
  • Inspires others to volunteer and be an advocate
  • Represents NCCDP with pride and dignity
  • Outstanding contributions to NCCDP as an advocate/volunteer

The 2021 CV Winter Advocacy Award represents a story of an advocate who has gone above, beyond, and way longer than the extra mile to lavish many of the CDP Participants with an unprecedented display of support as they travel the journey of recovery. The recipient has been involved with the CDP from early 2000 to present. She has announced her retirement for the end of this year. She has touched the majority of those attending tonight either by the Relapse Group, Individual Therapy, or as a Presenter at many of our conferences. By now most of you have identified Tammy Bell who we are honored to acknowledge as the 2021 CV Winter Advocacy Award. Thank you for your years of touching our life’s.