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A New Life

The past few years seem to have flown by and the years before gone by even faster. It seems impossible to live in the moment every moment as my mind gets distracted with thoughts of incomplete tasks, deadlines, dentistry, outcomes, and the plethora of other daily actions and projects. I find that my mind is never truly idle, although still vulnerable to negative thoughts and fixation. Weekends come and go, but the anticipation of future plans with friends and family fuels my excitement. 

As time goes on, I have more appreciation and gratitude for life. I experience greater enjoyment hanging out with friends even if it’s just for lunch or a phone conversation. Lately, I find that my weekends are scheduled with events as far out as two months. Perhaps this may be the busiest time in my life, and I find it is passing by quickly. 

What I have found to be helpful in cherishing moments is journaling, practicing mindfulness, and spending dedicated time for reflection. Journaling helps me remember moments which evoked emotions, both good and bad. As I travel more, I document names of the cities and take pictures to give these moments life. I like to make notes about people that I meet and the company I am with so I can build better relationships and look back and remember people for the time we spent together. Journaling the restaurants and food spots I visit almost allows me to experience the food and drinks again during my reflection.

I often think back to when I lived less carefully and try not to feel regretful, but instead use my experience to help me be a better person today. It’s my goal to be present in the moment for my spouse, my patients, my staff, and my family and friends. I continue to make mistakes as all humans do, but I am grateful to have learned a new way of life. Change is certain, and time goes on one minute at a time, one day at a time. I am excited and grateful to live life to the fullest for now and for the future and have the capacity to reflect on my past positively. 

— A Grateful Recovering Addict —