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A Pair of New Glasses

When asked what the main thing being in recovery has given me in life? I paused, prayed, and meditated on what that meant for me. All these things I assure you all I have never done prior to recovery!! The first thing that crossed my mind is having a personal relationship with GOD, My Creator, which is something I never had before I got sober. I also thought about what an incredible miracle it is to be free from the obsession of wanting to drink and use, all the time! Recovery has allowed time to heal relationships with people I hurt when actively drinking both personally and professionally.

The realization that there are so many things that recovery has given me and to be able to see the world with love instead of being hostile. I learned in recovery and experience from drugs and alcohol about –The Four Horsemen, Terror, Frustration, Bewilderment, and Despair. Now in recovery I can experience moments of peace of mind, and can face life successfully, depending on GOD not people or outcomes.  Because of my relationship that I have with GOD I can have healthy relationships with others. I had years ago lost my license to practice dental hygiene because I was practicing impaired, and after some time in recovery working with NC Caring Dental Professionals, they helped advocate for me to get my license back. Today I am trusted to be able to practice and I don’t take any day for granted. 

I am also grateful to know today that GOD and others do not judge me on my thoughts and feelings which I cannot control but rather on my actions which I can control. Before I got sober, I had no faith and was full of fear. Now I believe and know, to replace fear with actions that reflect faith, so I need to pray not only for the fear to be removed but for the strength to act in the face of it.  Also, I have found to always try my best to love, comfort, and understand others, instead of focusing on whether I am loved comforted and understood.  Also, another great spiritual tool is to practice using Emmet Fox’s Golden Key – to help me think about GOD rather the thinking about my problem or the source of my fear!! Spiritual promises occur when I think about GOD and others and not myself!! Recovery has given me a full life full of opportunities to Love and Help Others. Recovery has given me a heart that brims with gratitude. Recovery has given me a huge spiritual toolbox that helps me live life fully one day at a time free from alcoholism and allows me to connect with GOD and others. To be able to see the world with Awe and Wonder to be fully present in each moment to be kind and courteous. I’m allowed to make mistakes, I learn that way, and if I accidentally hurt someone, I try my very best to make it right.  I get to be a light – and help illuminate the dark world of untreated alcoholism. Recovery Works!!

“May we always greet each other with a SMILE for a SMILE is the beginning of LOVE “

Mother Theresa