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In Order to Keep It…..


In the mid 80’s, after much prodding from my wife & family, I finally decided it was time to “get my drinking under control.” I never drank while working, but much of my non-working time was spent drinking, or recovering from drinking. My family was definitely being neglected.

I went for an assessment; got the help I needed, and embraced the recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I soon learned that I really enjoyed sobriety, and not having to be a slave to alcohol. The spirituality I found in the recovery program was wonderful, and helped me “get my family back” and more importantly, get ME back.

A few years later, when The Caring Dentists Program was starting up, I knew I had to get involved. As I’ve often heard, “In order to keep your sobriety, you have to give it away”.

In the beginning, of course, all the CDP Volunteers were people like me, who had been fortunate enough to get into recovery without the benefit of a dental support group. As time has gone by, it has been gratifying to see our “alumni” take ownership, and run our recovery program. This is as it should be.

I wish The Caring Dental Professionals had been there when I first needed them, and perhaps I would not have wasted so many years getting into recovery. My life today is happy, joyous and free…free of the bonds of addiction.  My best friends in dentistry and in general are in recovery.  It’s the greatest fraternity in the world.

If you, or someone you know, need us, help is only a phone call away.


A Grateful Recovering Dentist