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My Life Line

I truly have no words to express the gratitude that I have for the North Carolina Caring Dental Program and the gifts the program has afforded me, my family and my practice. I’ve written quite a few “Gratitude” or “Thank You” letters in the past that started with being grateful as the sentiment though none are even close to the sincere, heartfelt gratitude for the Caring Dental Program and the life line it has provided me. That lifeline has contributed to a positive balance in every aspect of my life. My relationships with God, Family, others and myself ALL graciously impacted by my participation in the CDP.

My gifts started with the first call to the Caring Dental Program. I was so afraid to make that call because of the shame and guilt I had carried that came with admitting I had a problem with substance abuse. Dr. Bill Claytor answered my call, listened intentionally and responded with care and acceptance that immediately put me at ease. He reassured me that I wasn’t alone and the CDP was there to help in all aspects needed to help in my journey!

That journey started with the CDP facilitating me getting the help I needed to get myself back to health physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is when I realized the CDP as truly a life line. The help the CDP provided is a proven pre-walked pathway to recovering physically, emotionally and spiritually. Those gifts slowly and assuredly had a positive, life changing effect on my marriage, my relationships with my children, my staff, my patients, my friends and my practice. Yes, I had to do the work and there were trials along the way though with willingness and patience I gained strength from both. My life is forever changed and blessed by the CDP.

I made that first call to the Caring Dental Program seven years ago this month. My only regret is that I wish I had called years earlier. The North Carolina Caring Dental Program is truly a life line with a life time of life balance and life blessings! Though it is hard to put my gratitude for the Caring Dental Program on paper I do plan to show my gratitude by paying it forward every chance I get!!

~ A Grateful Recovering Dental Professional ~