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Save Your Newsletter Because It Could Save You


Why would I say that?…is what you may be asking yourself.

As a very grateful recovering addict/alcoholic I tell you that because this newsletter saved me.  Why did I say “Hide it if you must”?  Because I found for me, as abuse slipped into addiction, secrecy and fear ran my life.  Oh yeah, I could control use until it controlled me.  Then I had to lie to myself and others to keep it going.  I could quit whenever I wanted…I just didn’t want to.

I found out later that addiction is really an ego defense mechanism that persists despite negative consequences.  Negative consequences – UGH – the easiest to see are the arrests, DUI’s, wrecks.  But as addiction’s strong hold continues its negative spiral, we blame, minimize and rationalize these legal consequences, too.

Believe me your family is watching and counting.  Not to mention how it tears families apart-our emotional unavailability as we push away the ones we love most.  It’s sad, hurts and produces guilt and especially shame to a toxic level.

I received these newsletters for years at my office and usually tossed them.  I read enough to know there was a program….When I finally got to the end of my rope I had my wife call CDP.

CDP facilitated that turning point in my life.  What I didn’t know was that they were for me not against me.  Our program is one of the finest in the nation.  Many states have little or no recovery programs available and are only punitive.  Ours is NOT!  They are there to champion your cause – RECOVERY!  They will bird-doggedly advocate for you provided you are willing to be accountable – which can be hard to accept at first – but certainly easier than having a license revoked.

If you sign up before any of the legal issues they will keep your anonymity from the State Dental Board….how cool is that!

They know what you need to overcome addiction.

Life is so much better – not being tethered to a bottle of any sort.