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Serenity Is A Gift

Serenity is a Gift. Thinking back, one of the best gifts that I have been given in my journey of recovery is the understanding and the realization that serenity is not only possible, it’s real. When I was in the throes of substance abuse I tried to control everything. I found out later just how bad I was at it, and how little control I actually had over my life. I was controlled by my substance abuse. I walked through life “all smiles “in front of people saying what I thought people wanted to hear under the facade that would make my life easier and better. I was indeed A “YES” man. Now in post-recovery retrospect, I was robbing myself of what life really has to give. Those gifts are acceptance, understanding, support, and help. I have found all of these are gifts to my spiritual, mental and physical health. I have learned to ask for help. As long as I can remember, before recovery, I was an over-achiever and tried to control everything. I trusted no one but myself. As I found out over the years how impossible it was to maintain the image, I turned to substances to take the edge off when things weren’t going as planned. Fast forward to 2015, the wheels fell off of my bus and I was blessed by being introduced to the Caring Dental Program. I was guided and helped to get back on track and get the tools I needed to recover. I learned to do something I wasn’t good at and that was to ask for help and to be vulnerable. I didn’t have to do things by myself anymore. I found there is strength and peace in vulnerability. I also found that a problem shared is a problem halved. This vulnerability, which is rigorous honesty, had an immediate and profound impact on all aspects of my life including  spirituality, family, business ,and  all relationships. I found that in relationships asking for help is a blessing to both sides. My relationship with God has become sincere and humble. My marriage has been blessed immensely. My business is manageable and productive. My relationships with my staff and my friends are meaningful and are a blessing. I now have a support system in every aspect of my life all because I’ve learned to trust and be vulnerable. Looking back, I have something now that I didn’t have before and that  is serenity and  the tools to achieve it. Every day is not a great day, but I have God, Family, and Friends to help me through it.  I realize that life is a journey and we are always learning and every day has something to teach us. I am so grateful for the gift of recovery, the NC Caring Dental Program and the realization that serenity is attainable if you surrender self!!!