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Welcome Lauren Haarlow to the NCDP

Welcome Lauren Haarlow to the N. C. Caring Dental Professionals!

I hope everyone is enjoying this Spring! I am pleased and honored to introduce to the North Carolina dental community NCCDP’s new Clinical Director, Ms. Lauren Haarlow. As a therapist / social worker, Lauren has joined the NCCDP with a plethora of knowledge and resources available to those dental practitioners who may need help dealing with stress, anxiety, burnout, or substance use (alcohol and drugs). I would encourage all dental healthcare workers to take advantage of Lauren’s experience and input in this area of our wellbeing.

Lauren Haarlow can be contacted at:


704-284-3039 (Confidential line)

Also, I would like to make available to all North Carolina dentists and dental hygienists my eBook for free that I wrote during the Covid-19 pandemic entitled, “Perfectionism and Burnout in Dentistry: Are They Inevitable?”  Please find the enclosed pdf link below to receive your free eBook copy of Perfectionism and Burnout in Dentistry: Are They Inevitable? .

Thank you!

Bill Claytor

Executive Director, NCCDP