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Where Do I Begin?

Where do I begin? From parked at the gas station at 6:50am waiting for the beer fridge to open at 7am OR missing large portions of my son’s soccer game to go to the parking lot to chug one more OR wanting to be alone and drink in solitude while cancelling plans with friends…..I lived through all these events and thought there was no way out.

And then I hit rock bottom. My dental license was suspended. From there is where everything changed for me. Signing a 5 year contract with the NCCDP was the beginning. Going  to Fellowship Hall for 30 days changed my life. This place changed my entire outlook… on life, my thinking, and my emotional state. Fellowship Hall made me want to be better. I can’t put into words how much I learned about myself during my stay. Leaving Fellowship Hall 10 pounds heavier, my journey of sobriety continues to the present day. I see things clearer, I communicate better, I love more, I value people and places like never before.

I have a stronger relationship with my family…and to top it off I got engaged along the way. 

Being associated with the NCCDP has made all the difference in the world to me. From initially resenting this organization to now having a deep respect for the people associated with it and the values they uphold. Relationships with my sponsor, peer support volunteer, fellow colleagues, and Dr. Claytor – these bonds I hold in deep regard. Sure the inconveniences of random testing and meetings that interfere with set plans are annoying, but in the end they are only inconveniences. I prefer to look at it as it’s mighty convenient that I’m able to practice dentistry again while finding my true self, all this via the aid the NCCDP.

I no longer wait in the morning for the beer fridge to open. I go now for a cup of coffee and gas. I now enjoy quality time with my son without booze getting in the way. And I now hang out with my friends again, and not canceling on them. 

So where do I begin? By waking up each morning knowing I can do whatever I choose to without being a slave to alcohol. I’m proud of the man I am today!