National Suicide Prevention:
 Dial 988  •


I used to focus on the weight of the daily grind and live for the weekends.  I was in a dark, depressive state and didn’t care if I lived or died.  I was overwhelmed and exhausted myself every day.  Work was hard, but my attitude made it harder.  I needed an intervention. Luckily, the dental board came to me and let me know I needed a lifestyle change.  I surprisingly felt a great sense of relief.  Something was going to change.  NCCDP was going to guide me in the right direction. In early recovery, I was terrified of being away from my practice but realized time focusing on myself was key to becoming strong in my recovery.  When I did go back to work, I had learned the coping skills to balance all aspects of my life.  Self-care became my number one focus.  I cannot help others until I help myself.  So many people go through the same thing.  So, I found friends at meetings who I could talk to and continue seeing a therapist who specializes in addiction.  Dentistry isn’t the only thing I practice daily.  Patience is one thing I practice, taking one day at a time.  I listen.  I think before I speak.  Gratitude is the other thing I practice.  I keep it simple.  Every morning, I wake up and thank my higher power for his grace.  I thank him for a roof over my head, food to eat and two legs to stand on.  Gratitude is my saving grace.