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Does the NCCDP need to know when I am going on vacation or other trips? What if I am unable to get to a testing site? Who should I notify?

If you are leaving the state or the continental USA, you must notify the NCCDP Executive Director. You may be required to submit to a blood test upon your return. If you need to be excused from daily calling to our testing service please notify the Executive Director or Administrative Assistant. Depending on the time in the program and compliance status excused days are granted.

My doctor has prescribed a medication that is potentially habit-forming. What should I do?

You should notify your medical professional that you are in recovery and have them explore alternative medication before prescribing something that will jeopardize your recovery. Before filling the prescription, discuss the medication with your Addictionologist and If deemed appropriate for you to take this medication notify the NCCDP. Once you fill the prescription you should immediately turn it over to your spouse/signficant other, or other responsible party who will help control and monitor your dosage.

I have been told I need to check into a treatment center, but am unable to gather sufficient funds. Can the NCCDP help?

NCCDP has limited funds available to help in such situations. Speak to the Executive Director who will refer your case to the Loan Committee. A Loan Application will need to be submitted in order for the Committee to determine any financial aid. Please contact the Executive Director and request the application forms.

What should I do if I am changing my therapist or discontinuing therapy?

Your current therapist will need to provide a discharge statement. You will need to provide the NCCDP with contact information for your new therapist. The Executive Director will determine if the therapist is approved by the NCCDP. A Release of Information will need to be signed allowing your therapist to provide the NCCDP with required reports.